Benzonatate: Uses and More


Benzonatate is a cough medicine. It is non-narcotic and it is generally used to relieve cough. It numbs the lungs and throat thereby reducing the reflexes that causes cough.  From review, it is proven that benzonatate is extremely effective in the treatment of cough. However, benzonatate do comes with some downsides.  In this post, you will see the uses of benzonatate and other things you need to know before taking this drug and how to take this drug safely for best results. Ensure you read all through, you can also bookmark this page for future references.

Benzonatate Uses

Generally, benzonatate is used in the treatment of common cough caused by cold. It can be prescribed for other treatments ( See your doctor) but it is primarily meant for treatment of cough.  Benzonatate comes in capsule form with the liquid trapped inside. When taking benzonatate do not chew, bite or break the capsule, simply swallow them.

Benzonatate Side Effects

As effective as it is, benzonatate do have some side effects. The most common side effects of benzonatate are dizziness, confusion, the urge to spit, chest pain. But most of these side effects are mostly experienced when you chew, bite or break the capsule.

Benzonatate Dosage

This drug is generally prescribed to be taken three times daily. You doctor may prescribe otherwise so do consult your doctor before taking this medication.

What Else Should You Know?

Benzonatate should not be given to children of 10 years or younger. Do not take this medicine without the knowledge of your doctor and ensure you stick to the prescription given by your doctor or pharmacists.  If you experience any side effects, do not delay in informing your doctor or pharmacists, in addition your doctor should be aware of your medical history and other treatments or medications you are on presently before administering this drug.